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Help them stay safe and detect viruses and infections as early as possible with this wireless no-touch FDA cleared thermometer. It's got excellent accuracy and it's easy to use. Just point the thermometer at their forehead, press a button and read the temperature. It's no-touch and uses infrared technology, so they'll be able to use it on multiple people without having to sterilize the thermometer in-between. It literally only takes a second to take a temperature reading and they will even be able to disable the "beep" when a reading has been taken so they don't disturb their sleeping…

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They'll enjoy this at breakfast, brunch or for dessert and is top rated by more than 150 people. It's a classic cinnamon coffee cake that's available with or without walnuts and they'll receive two full sized cakes delivered to their doorstep. The cinnamon coffee cakes even come gift boxed, so another idea is to order it from QVC, keep one coffee cake for yourself and gift the other one to someone special. Free shipping to almost every state.

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A HUGE version of the classic Jenga blocks game that stands over 4-feet tall! All the blocks are precision crafted and made of premium durable hardwood so they'll be able to enjoy it time after time. From young kids to seniors, everyone knows how to play Jenga and since this is a HUGE version it just makes it even more fun to play. Each block measures over 8-times the size of the original game. Comes with a heavy duty Jenga GIANT carry bag for easy storage and transport pretty much anywhere. It doesn't need to be plugged in!

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