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Send them on a world coffee tour with this 6-month gift subscription. Each month they'll receive coffee and culture from a new country, so they can sip, learn and appreciate the wonderful origins of some of the world's best coffee. The coffee is roasted and delivered fresh and they'll even get picturesque postcards from the coffee's origin country that they're enjoying each month. If they already drink coffee, this will add some excitement and open their eyes (or tastebuds) to the amazing varieties of coffee available. Ships free!

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They'll enjoy this at breakfast, brunch or for dessert and is top rated by more than 150 people. It's a classic cinnamon coffee cake that's available with or without walnuts and they'll receive two full sized cakes delivered to their doorstep. The cinnamon coffee cakes even come gift boxed, so another idea is to order it from QVC, keep one coffee cake for yourself and gift the other one to someone special. Free shipping to almost every state.

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This is a super best selling espresso machine that'll let them create  gourmet coffee house drinks right in their own home. It has an integrated conical burr grinder that grinds on demand and delivers the exact amount of coffee needed right into the portafilter. They can use any type of coffee bean and the unit delivers the optimum water pressure for the perfect cup of coffee. There's also a steam wand so they can froth up a pitcher of milk to top off their new expertly prepared coffee.

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Shopping for a coffee lover? This is a 16-piece world coffee tour that will let them experience the amazing variety of coffees from all corners of the world. Each bag has been expertly hand selected to showcase the best coffees on earth. From chocolaty Latin American coffees, fruity African roasts and earthy Sumatran blends - and everything in-between. This is an awesome gift for coffee aficionados or someone that loves to explore coffee and hasn't had the opportunity....yet!

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They'll be able to keep their coffee, tea or hot chocolate at the *perfect* temperature for up to 80 minutes on a full charge. It also has a all-day "coasting" mode to keep their drink warmer so they can enjoy it for longer. They can choose the exact temperature between 120F - 145F simply by using the app on their smart phone and even set presets to quickly select their optimum sipping temp. The mug will shut off heating when it's empty to save battery.

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