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Get some of their favorite photos professionally framed and they'll be able to enjoy them every single day. We all have cameras on our smartphones - but how many photos have you printed out and decorated your home? This would be a lovely, touching gift for almost anyone and Canvas PoP excels at framing photos in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Who wouldn't want to see a gorgeous photo of something they love? This is a great top rated gift idea.

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Help them stay safe and detect viruses and infections as early as possible with this wireless no-touch FDA cleared thermometer. It's got excellent accuracy and it's easy to use. Just point the thermometer at their forehead, press a button and read the temperature. It's no-touch and uses infrared technology, so they'll be able to use it on multiple people without having to sterilize the thermometer in-between. It literally only takes a second to take a temperature reading and they will even be able to disable the "beep" when a reading has been taken so they don't disturb their sleeping…

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