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From one of the world's most famous video games, this is the Super Mario Brothers "Piranha" plant. They'll love the lifelike replications, like the deep green leaves and pointy white teeth. They can power this light from any USB output. So if they have a spare wall charger, they can plug it right into that.

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They can get their console gaming fix on the go with this top selling smart phone controller from quality retailer Razer. This controller is already compatible with hundreds of games already released on the App Store. It's also compatible with cloud gaming networks so they're setup for whatever gaming method they choose. There isn't any latency during game play and everything responds in an instant whenever they click, tap or swipe. The comfortable grip makes this an excellent controller for their long gaming sessions and it's rechargeable via the well used USB C connection and built-in battery.

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DJI is the most well known name in drone technology and this is their DJ Mini 3 Pro that ships with DJI RC Remote and a hard shell case kit. It can shoot up to 4K60p video and 48MP raw still photos. The flight time is impressive at 34 minutes and it has a huge 7.5 mile range. An intelligent FocusTrack subject tracking system makes following people from the sky easy so you can work on your video and not worry about flying. This is a top rated drone kit with a 5-star score.

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For a really unique gift idea, check out this mini crossbow. It fires real toothpicks and even has an auto-refill system built in. Simply place the toothpicks in the slot in the middle, pull back the crossbow wire for tension and use the trigger to release the toothpick and (hopefully) land where you aimed it! I wouldn't recommend this for a child, older teens and adults only. If you want to shop for even more toothpick crossbow designs, there is an amazing selection on Uncommon Carry's website.

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A gift that will last forever! Give them a place to put their fancy headphones when they're not using them. This is a personalized headphone stand that you can customize with any text you'd like. You have a choice of wood - walnut or oak - and even a choice of font. If they have a favorite sports team or band, you can have that added to the headphone stand also. Reviewers love the quality, fast shipping and how the recipients loved what they got. This gift idea will never expire and they'll probably use it every day.

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GU Energy Gel will help them perk back up and keep going when they need the extra help. With 200+ reviews it's tried and tested, with everyone from marathon athletes to bicyclists commenting on its effectiveness. Inside is a propriatory gel, that's easily dispensed with a squeeze of the packet. Perfect to use mid-run or mid-ride and they won't have to stop. Follow it up with a bit of water and that's all it needs. For an even bigger boost, choose one of the flavors with added caffeine. This is a super affordable gift idea that would really come…

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They'll love a custom painted watercolor illustration of their favorite super car or classic car. This is a top rated gift idea that's handmade from a small Etsy shop. Choose from 6 different canvas sizes - up to 24" x 36" - and send the Etsy shop a photo of the car you'd like drawn and they'll take care of the rest. Turn around time is about two days. You can also choose to have the illustration sent in a digital format so you could use it and apply it to mugs, t-shirts, hats and other print-on-demand items.

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A great gift idea for anyone that livestreams their gaming or wants to get into setting up an online live stream to broadcast their gaming adventures to the world. It allows them to quickly switch between different scenes without having to manually coordinate it every single time. A good example is being able to switch between camera views of themselves and of their actual game play, or switch audio sources between their microphone and the in-game audio. Maybe they have a phone call and need to mute their microphone quickly? They won't have to dig around the settings of…

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This smart TV delivers stunning 4k picture quality - that means it's four times better than full HD and looks amazing. Included with the TCL 4K smart TV is access to over 500,000 movies and TV episodes plus dedicated channels for sports, news, music, kids, food, sciences, tech, fitness and more. They can even control their new TV by just using their voice. Find movies, launch or change channels and even switch inputs to their gaming console or Blu-Ray player with a few spoken words. Did you see how many reviews this gift idea has? Over 5,800+ and a…

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This is a smaller version of Nintendo's super popular Switch system. It's awesome for gaming on the go and it packs some amazing features at an affordable price. They'll be able to play games like Super Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, The Legend of Zelda and more. Nintendo has optimized this system for personal, hand held play so it's light and has awesome battery life. The controls are built right into the unit, so they won't ever be left hanging when they need their gaming fix. Also available at Amazon

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This games console is a miniature replica of the original classic decades ago and features 30 all time most popular games preloaded. All they need to do is plug it into their TV's HDMI port and they're ready to play. It even comes with the HDMI cable and one NES Classic controller so they can enjoy the console immediately. Games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Castlevania are all waiting to be played and feature all of the fun that brought this console to fame in the late 1980's and 1990's. Also available at Walmart.

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