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A best seller on Etsy! Get her a dainty necklace featuring a delicate yet adorable pet portrait and their name. It's a great gift for animal lovers and can also make a touching memorial gift. All you have to do is send this Etsy shop a clear photo of the pet and they'll get to work creating their very own personalized necklace. Each item is made to order and is completely unique. Free next day shipping is included in the price!

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A dainty, minimal personalized Zodiac necklace. Made with 14k gold filled chain and gold plated zodiac pendant. It even has miniature cubic zirconia diamonds. Choose the sign and length when you order for a custom and perfect fit. Comes with a presentable embossed jewelry box and can be given as a gift immediately. Get the matching earring studs here. [wpseo_breadcrumb]

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