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They'll love playing with this kinetic sand kit and it includes everything they'll need to squish, chop, pull and scoop! 4.5lbs of sand - in 5 unique colors - is included along with 10+ tools for them to play and experiment. This is a great sensory play item that encourages creative discovery. It's also non-toxic and safe. The formula makes the sand stick together without needing any extra water, so it can be moulded, shaped and designed in an infinite amount of ways.

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They can make their own custom designed clothing with this top rated tie-die kit at Target. It's easy to use and can make all sorts of plain clothes fun. Use t-shirts, socks and even underwear with this affordable top rated gift idea and transform them into something totally unique! Reviewers love the kit, saying their kids had a lot of fun making their own designs. Just a heads up - the included gloves are kids size, so pick up some adult ones in your cart while you're shopping

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Possibly the best sidewalk chalk in the entire galaxy! This super cool sidewalk chalk set includes 9 round chalk pieces that have been inspired by our solar system's planets. As the pieces are gradually worn away, multiple colors reveal themselves that are meant to represent the cores, layers and crusts of the planets. The whole set is eco-friendly and biodegradable - even the packaging so it's good for the the planet you're currently on too! Handmade!

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A kid's digital camera with onboard instant printing and 2.4" color screen. They will be able to take regular or panoramic photos in black and white or even flip up the lens to take selfies and print them out seconds later. Included with the camera is an 80-count roll of printing paper and you can buy the KidiZoom PrintCam paper refill pack that comes with three paper rolls and two rolls with adhesive on the back to turn the photos into stickers. In addition to standard photos, they'll be able to add stickers, filters and borders to any image.…

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