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They need a place to sit down, stretch out and unwind after the busy day? Then this chair might just be the ticket. It's got modern looks, but also offers comfort by providing support for the neck and back. The chair has been in Ikea's range for decades and keeps on being a #1 seller. If they love to read or sit back and listen to their favorite music, this chair is ideal. Paired with the accompanying foot rest (sold separately), you might just end up buying them their next favorite place to be. Use this link for the…

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They'll never need to hunt down that missing guitar pick again with this compact make-it-yourself guitar pick punch. Using any type of plastic card, like expired bank cards, store membership cards or anything in between, all they have to do is insert one end into the punch, press the lever and out pops a perfectly formed (and usable) guitar punch! Maybe they're just learning the guitar or maybe they've been playing for some time - it doesn't matter - this is a gift they'll use and you will be the one to thank! Promising review: We used the punch…

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If they love the good old days when vinyl records were the best way to listen to music, then they'll love these handmade vinyl drinks coasters. You can pick and choose each coaster from a huge list of bands, some examples: Black Sabbath Amy Whinehouse Bob Marley Eagles Led Zeppelin Genesis Kiss + Many More And as an added bonus, if you spend over $35 with this Etsy seller, your shipping is free. Promising review: My husband loves the coasters. It was great to be able to choose specifically for him. Seller is very good communicator.  

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If they love to play or listen to guitar music, they'll love this handmade gemstone birth month guitar pick. They're made one by one in Nashville Tennessee and a a great gift if they enjoy playing guitar or just simply listening to their favorite guitar music. Each month of the year features a different gemstone color, inspired by the 12 different birth months. This is a unique and thoughtful gift that will last - and it's affordable too, at only $25. Oh and YES - they can really be used as functioning guitar picks! Promising review: This product is…

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Get their favorite song's visual sound wave on a frame-worthy print. It's a cool mashup of art and technology that's unique and would make an awesome addition to their existing home decor. Choose a size from the smallest unframed print at 4-inches by 6-inches to the largest fully framed print at 60-inches by 20-inches. You can even buy just the digital image file of their song if you're handy with crafts and make a ton of things like stickers, t-shirts and more. We love this voice print art! Great quality, exactly as described, and arrived nicely packaged and fairly…

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Get them a super original gift idea like these vinyl record roses! Made from real vinyl records and repurposed into beautiful roses - with wire stems - they can decorate their kitchen counter, living room, bathroom or anywhere that needs a splash of retro-modern decor. Choose between a 5-inch diameter or 2.5-inch diameter rose and a ton of different color combinations like red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple and even rainbow colored. Reviewers love what they've received, mentioning how original it is and how well the decor fits in and even upgrades their existing room style. There's also mention…

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Getting their favorite song's lyrics printed on an awesome vinyl style poster will make their day. You can even add an optional message that the Etsy seller (TheWorldGallery) will include in the poster as well. Choose between four sizes: A1 - 24 x 36 inches A2 - 18 x 24 inches A3 - 12 x 16 inches A4 - 9 x 12 inches Reviewers love the quality they have received and many have chosen to professionally frame the posters and display them in their homes. Promising Review: Our friends loved this. The care and details put in are amazing.…

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Poker player or gambler on your gift buying list? Try out this music lover's card deck that features portraits of the all time greatest musicians. The suits represents the genre of music performed by each musician and even the back of the cards have a decorative musical theme. The jokers are included in each deck - signifying the uncategorizble musicians David Bowie and Bjork.

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A gift that will last forever! Give them a place to put their fancy headphones when they're not using them. This is a personalized headphone stand that you can customize with any text you'd like. You have a choice of wood - walnut or oak - and even a choice of font. If they have a favorite sports team or band, you can have that added to the headphone stand also. Reviewers love the quality, fast shipping and how the recipients loved what they got. This gift idea will never expire and they'll probably use it every day.

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The artist community at Songfinch will turn your personal stories and memories into a custom song. Get them their own custom birthday song that's played and sung by a real musician, then delivered to you so you can surprise them on their special day. This is an original gift idea they won't be expecting, and it's also really touching - when they hear a personal song that was made just for them. Check out the video below for a Songfinch "reveal"

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These are the latest in-ear headphones from Apple and feature excellent sound quality and noise cancelling technology so they can enjoy their music in peace and quiet. A quick touch of the AirPods stem enables transparency mode where they can still hear their music, but also outside sounds at the same time. New from Apple is their spatial audio technology with dynamic head tracking that places the sound around you as they move their head. The adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears and the built in force sensor lets them easily control their entertainment, answer or end…

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Over 1,300 ratings say these noise canceling over-ear bluetooth wireless headphones are the bomb! Sony is known for their high quality products and their industry leading noise cancelling will block out background noises leaving them to enjoy their music in peace and quiet. They'll enjoy up to 30-hours of non-stop battery life with quick charging that boosts the headphones up to 5 hours of playback in just 10 minutes. There's a lot more to mention about these top rated headphones, so check out the video for the full low-down.

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This is a new way for them to play and create music - any time or anywhere. It's a portable powerhouse musical instrument that translates even the gentlest feather-touch into musical sounds. Don't let it's minimalist design fool you, it's packed with modern digital music tools so they can create beats and sounds whenever they want. the integrated looper will let them layer drums and bass over chords and lead parts so they can create a song in no time. It doesn't matter about their musical abilities - beginners and pros will enjoy this brand new way to create…

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They'd love an ultra portable *waterproof* bluetooth speaker that's compact on the outside but puts out a BIG sound. This is an ungraded design and features IPX7 waterproofing, 10 hours of playtime and a 1,000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. The built in carabiner means they'll always be able to find a place to hook their new favorite bluetooth speaker and enjoy their music for hours on end. It can even work as a superb speakerphone with it's built in noise and echo cancelling technology. They can even stream high quality audio from their laptop or tablet with the built in…

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Marshall has made a name for themselves in pro audio and this portable bluetooth speaker is no exception. Boasting 20+ hours of portable playtime, they'll be able to listen to their music anywhere, and even at full volume the sound is crisp and clear. The bluetooth speaker has multi-directional sound, so no matter if they're in front, behind or to the side of the speaker, they'll always enjoy their music. It's got a range of up to 33ft and is durable with mounted corner. caps and a water resistant design. Too much to mention in this short space. Check…

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Give a gift that helps them grow with online classes taught by the world's best! They can choose online classes from legends like cooking pro Wolfgang Puck, film scorer Hans Zimmer, Metallica on how to be a band and Christina Aguilera teaching singing. That's just scratching the surface, there are an amazing selection of high quality online classes where they'll learn how to be the best from the best!

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