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A fancy air pump that'll inflate their basketballs, football, soccer, volleyball, rugby, yoga ball, beach balls and beyond! They can stash this in their backpack or trunk of their car and it'll be ready to inflate most small balls in just a few minutes. The LED pressure gauge makes it easy to inflate to the right pressure at a glance and it only takes about a minute to inflate a basketball from zero PSI all the way to 13 PSI.

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They can enjoy the relief of muscle massage with this portable massage gun from Theragun. All sorts of professionals use these kind of massage tools - from physical therapists to trainers to chiropractors..more than 250 professional sports teams worldwide...celebrities and athletes alike! The main goal of this portable Theragun is to bring relief and relaxation no matter where they might be. It's also remarkably quiet - near silent in fact - something that's not apparent when you first see this awesome muscle relaxation tool. Cramps, knots and tension can happen anywhere, this is something that can bring relief and…

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