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Probably the last pizza slicer they'll ever need. This is the original Pizza Axe that's handmade as always and created using durable premium materials. The pizza axe even comes with a leather sheath to keep the sharp blade protected and a birchwood handle stays sturdy use after use. Perfect for the person that has everything - well I be they don't have a pizza axe?! - now's your opportunity to gift them some wow!

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They can practice their golfing technique in their very own backyard with this complete set from GoSports. It's called the BattleChip MATCH and it combines the skills of golf with the fun of a bean bag toss. Host their own golf tournament with prizes for the highest score. There isn't any golf clubs included - they figured a golfer would buy this and already have their own - but if you need some cheap, go to and check out their golf clubs. This is a fun filled back yard game that can be used indefinitely - at their…

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An awesome recycled license plate sign that uses real license plates to spell out their name. A unique artwork piece that they'll proudly hang on their wall for a long time. You can choose the word(s) on the license plate - it could be their name, their (new) married name, favorite place, saying or any other message you want. The license plates are mounted onto a wood frame that's painted with a distressed feel. Choose from 7 different types of wood colorings. The Etsy seller adds a hanger onto the back so it can be mounted onto their wall…

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Gift them something recycled and good for the Earth! These are recycled wine bottles that have been given a new lease of life as serving platters for things like meats and cheeses. The corks have become the spreader tools and they store right into the top of the bottle when they're not in use. The person behind the bottles kiln-forms each one and they're sourced locally. They're a rustic yet refined table accessory that should make them feel good about recycling wine bottles once destined for the dump. Handmade in Laramie, Wyoming.

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They'll enjoy this at breakfast, brunch or for dessert and is top rated by more than 150 people. It's a classic cinnamon coffee cake that's available with or without walnuts and they'll receive two full sized cakes delivered to their doorstep. The cinnamon coffee cakes even come gift boxed, so another idea is to order it from QVC, keep one coffee cake for yourself and gift the other one to someone special. Free shipping to almost every state.

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A HUGE version of the classic Jenga blocks game that stands over 4-feet tall! All the blocks are precision crafted and made of premium durable hardwood so they'll be able to enjoy it time after time. From young kids to seniors, everyone knows how to play Jenga and since this is a HUGE version it just makes it even more fun to play. Each block measures over 8-times the size of the original game. Comes with a heavy duty Jenga GIANT carry bag for easy storage and transport pretty much anywhere. It doesn't need to be plugged in!

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This is a super best selling espresso machine that'll let them create  gourmet coffee house drinks right in their own home. It has an integrated conical burr grinder that grinds on demand and delivers the exact amount of coffee needed right into the portafilter. They can use any type of coffee bean and the unit delivers the optimum water pressure for the perfect cup of coffee. There's also a steam wand so they can froth up a pitcher of milk to top off their new expertly prepared coffee.

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