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They can have their own storm cloud, that's programmable via a remote or smartphone app. It can even flash light lightening, blink, fade, rainbow and more. Shipping is free and shop with confidence with this Etsy seller's 650 sales and over 100 positive reviews.

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An awesome keychain multitool that features 7 unique tools in 1. It's cleverly made into a croc or dinosaur shape along with teeth. Here are the tool's included: Bottle Opener Tape Cutter Slotted Pry Bar Flat Head Philips Screw Driver 1/4" Hex Socket 3/8" Hex Socket You'll also get free shipping when you order as an extra bonus. They did have an option for a "toxic titanium" color, but it sells out quickly. Check back often if you're looking to score one of those.,du_15,q_auto:good/jcroc-etsy-video_wnequn.mp4

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DJI is the most well known name in drone technology and this is their DJ Mini 3 Pro that ships with DJI RC Remote and a hard shell case kit. It can shoot up to 4K60p video and 48MP raw still photos. The flight time is impressive at 34 minutes and it has a huge 7.5 mile range. An intelligent FocusTrack subject tracking system makes following people from the sky easy so you can work on your video and not worry about flying. This is a top rated drone kit with a 5-star score.

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They'll be able to stretch and roll out anywhere with this hybrid 40oz water bottle and foam roller combo. Great for everyday use, if they fill it with cold water, the foam roller gets cold. Similarly, if they fill it with warm water, they'll have a heated roller to massage away tight muscles. The water bottle is single walled to maximize volume and is TSA approved so they can even take it with them on the plane. For a gift that they'll enjoy indefinitely and can literally take away their pains, this is a great gift idea they'll thank…

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They'll be seen up to 1 mile away with this bright bicycle LED light. It's smart - you can pair the device with Garmin's bike computer, or if they don't have one they can use their Android or iPhone. Once paired, the Garmin Varia will display location and speed of traffic behind the bicycle on the persons smart phone. The LED light can be visible from up to 1 mile away and can be dimmed for group riding, so they don't blind their fellow cyclists directly behind them. Battery lasts up to 16 hours in flash mode and 6…

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A top rated and best selling smart watch from Garmin that will help them tune into their body and reach their goals. It features all-day health monitoring, animated workouts and exclusive Garmin Coach so they can improve their overall health and live a better life. It won't stop tracking their health at the end of their day either, it can even monitor their sleep activity so they can understand how to maximize their downtime. Check out this video to learn about all the features of the Garmin Vivoactive 4s GPS smart watch.

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A stainless steel super-popular water bottle that will help them stay hydrated while they work or play. It's insulated with "TempShield" that's a unique double wall insulation and can protect the temperature of the liquid for up to 24 hours cold and 6 hours hot. It's even got honeycomb insulation inside the lid for even more temperature control. The bottle is made of BPA free materials and comes in four colors - pink, orange, white and blue.

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Everyone needs to keep hydrated. This best selling and top rated offering from Polar Bottle helps them maintain the required hydration their body demands. It's 100% BPA-free and insulated to keep their favorite drinks perfectly ice cold. This bottle is perfect for workouts, biking and other sports like football and tennis. The trig-layer insulation promises to keep drinks cool twice as long and has an ultra-thin exterior for easy squeezable drink dispensing. The cap can be locked to prevent spillage during transport and easily popped back out when they need a drink. It's the perfect size for backpacks, pockets,…

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A great gift for Star Trek fans! They can get their very own Klingon Bat'leth! This actually is a useful 6-In-1 multitool that'll help them hit tasks hard and hit them fast. Bottle opener 3 hex wrenches flat head screwdriver Phillips head screwdriver Cord cutter Butterfly Wrench It's a lightweight, portable multitool that can be taken on outdoor adventures and comes complete with a carabiner and keyhole so they can keep it easily accessible. Definitely a unique gift they won't be expecting.

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This is their new favorite gadget - that they didn't know existed until you bought it for them! It's a top rated multi-purpose tube that contains essential survival tools like a SOS capable 4-mode LED flashlight, a compass and an 8oz flask to fill with their favorite beverage. Oh and of course, there are two collapsible shot glasses packed inside! Over 80 people say that this invention is awesome and it's pocket sized so they can stash it somewhere and access it when they see fit. It's even constructed of military-grade aluminum and food-grade stainless steel to last a…

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They'd love an ultra portable *waterproof* bluetooth speaker that's compact on the outside but puts out a BIG sound. This is an ungraded design and features IPX7 waterproofing, 10 hours of playtime and a 1,000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. The built in carabiner means they'll always be able to find a place to hook their new favorite bluetooth speaker and enjoy their music for hours on end. It can even work as a superb speakerphone with it's built in noise and echo cancelling technology. They can even stream high quality audio from their laptop or tablet with the built in…

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Get them this and they'll be toasty warm no matter what the weather. It's made from a durable Nappa leather finish exterior and plush soft sheepskin interior. The hundreds of reviewers love the warmth the jacket offers and the quality workmanship in the most detailed of places. The exterior looks rugged and manly, but the inside is just a cloud of comforting warmth. Get them this and they'll never need another winter jacket again - thanks to you!

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Possibly the best sidewalk chalk in the entire galaxy! This super cool sidewalk chalk set includes 9 round chalk pieces that have been inspired by our solar system's planets. As the pieces are gradually worn away, multiple colors reveal themselves that are meant to represent the cores, layers and crusts of the planets. The whole set is eco-friendly and biodegradable - even the packaging so it's good for the the planet you're currently on too! Handmade!

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These aren't your typical pair of sunglasses. Audio professionals Bose have taken these stylish sunglasses and fitted them with a revolutionary open-ear audio design. Turn the volume up and down by pressing a button and looking left or right and make and receive phone calls, access Siri or Google assistance with the seamlessly integrated microphone. You can also fit these high-tech sunglasses with your prescription lenses, so you can always have music and connectivity no matter what they're doing. Shatter and scratch resistant lens designed to survive life on the go! Also available at Amazon

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