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This smart TV delivers stunning 4k picture quality - that means it's four times better than full HD and looks amazing. Included with the TCL 4K smart TV is access to over 500,000 movies and TV episodes plus dedicated channels for sports, news, music, kids, food, sciences, tech, fitness and more. They can even control their new TV by just using their voice. Find movies, launch or change channels and even switch inputs to their gaming console or Blu-Ray player with a few spoken words. Did you see how many reviews this gift idea has? Over 5,800+ and a…

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Gift them their very own grocery supermarket! This is a complete set with over 40 accessories like manual conveyor belt, play scanner and a cash register. There are 24 fruits and veggies for checkout and even grocery bags and a scanner for a complete experience. They'll love playing with this set and they'll learn basic math skills when they buy and sell items with play-money. A safe and fun play experience they can enjoy time and time again.

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Everyone needs to keep hydrated. This best selling and top rated offering from Polar Bottle helps them maintain the required hydration their body demands. It's 100% BPA-free and insulated to keep their favorite drinks perfectly ice cold. This bottle is perfect for workouts, biking and other sports like football and tennis. The trig-layer insulation promises to keep drinks cool twice as long and has an ultra-thin exterior for easy squeezable drink dispensing. The cap can be locked to prevent spillage during transport and easily popped back out when they need a drink. It's the perfect size for backpacks, pockets,…

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They'd love an ultra portable *waterproof* bluetooth speaker that's compact on the outside but puts out a BIG sound. This is an ungraded design and features IPX7 waterproofing, 10 hours of playtime and a 1,000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. The built in carabiner means they'll always be able to find a place to hook their new favorite bluetooth speaker and enjoy their music for hours on end. It can even work as a superb speakerphone with it's built in noise and echo cancelling technology. They can even stream high quality audio from their laptop or tablet with the built in…

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They can enjoy the fun and thrill of this electric powered go-kart that features three speed settings and automatic breaking. The durable steel frame will hold up to hours of play and the built in speed lock, seat belt and high-visibility racing flag keep them safe. The front tires have traction tread so they can corner without sliding and the larger rear wheels are perfect for action packed go-kart adventures! Also available on Amazon here.

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They'll be able to get a deep shiatsu massage - with heat - any time they want with this top rated item at Walmart. Whether it's their neck, shoulders or back, this massager will target it all and help melt away aches and pains. It can increase blood circulation and improve the flexibility of their muscles. It's specifically designed to penetrate and target deeply into muscles from a long day at work, a tough workout session or just because. They can vary the intensity depending on how much they pull on the straps, so if they only want a…

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This is a smaller version of Nintendo's super popular Switch system. It's awesome for gaming on the go and it packs some amazing features at an affordable price. They'll be able to play games like Super Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, The Legend of Zelda and more. Nintendo has optimized this system for personal, hand held play so it's light and has awesome battery life. The controls are built right into the unit, so they won't ever be left hanging when they need their gaming fix. Also available at Amazon

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An awesome LEGO kit featuring a highly detailed ship, complete with captain's quarters, cannons, masts, a crow's nest and printed sails. 962 pieces are required to make this epic LEGO ship! Once inside the bottle, use the buildable cork, wax seal element and water style LEGOs and display the model on the stand, featuring the ships nameplate, compass and globe props. They'll also get an instruction booklet about the set's creator and LEGO designers that put this one of a kind kit together. A top rated gift that will bring hours of entertainment and a fun reward at the…

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They can grow an awesome variety of gourmet herbs right in their own home with this easy to use indoor garden. Grow up to 6 planets at one time - up to 12 inches tall - and it doesn't even need soil, so no mess! Included with the Aero Garden is Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint. They also will get a 3oz bottle of Aero Garden's patented all natural plant nutrients - enough for a full season of growth. Always homegrown, fresh and safe. Plants grow up to 5-times faster than soil and the…

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A kid's digital camera with onboard instant printing and 2.4" color screen. They will be able to take regular or panoramic photos in black and white or even flip up the lens to take selfies and print them out seconds later. Included with the camera is an 80-count roll of printing paper and you can buy the KidiZoom PrintCam paper refill pack that comes with three paper rolls and two rolls with adhesive on the back to turn the photos into stickers. In addition to standard photos, they'll be able to add stickers, filters and borders to any image.…

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