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If they're a green thumb, this "Plant lady" t-shirt would be a perfect gift as a testament to their plant passion. The t-shirts are made with eco-friendly ink and available in 7 colors and 6 sizes. It's a soft and comfortable 100% cotton t-shirt at an affordable price. Reviewers love the quality and speed of shipping with the print colors popping vibrantly. Pair this t-shirt with an Aerogarden indoor grow system for an amazing gift they'll enjoy indefinitely.

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Up-cycled hand stamped plant name spoons! These have five names of their favorite herbs or flowers embedded right into the spoons themselves. Choose which names are stamped onto the spoons - up to 9 letters - at checkout by leaving a note for the seller. Choose between teaspoons or tablespoons and they'll get these handmade plant name markers delivered to their doorstep. Each set is made to order, so they'll be getting a truly unique and thoughtful gift that will last forever. All the spoons are true vintage silver plated and the spoons will show signs of wear that…

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This is a pot-less plant that's created by having a plant's root system wrapped in a soil and live moss mixture and then bound with twine to hold it together. The plant is a philodendron and it'll ship alive and healthy so your gift receiver juts has to unbox, find a good place to hang it and water it as needed. The plants the Etsy seller uses for the Kokedama balls love the moist environment that the moss provides, making an ideal microcosm for it to thrive. Each plant comes with a care card so they'll know how to…

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Gift them an entire indoor garden and aquaponics kit! When you buy them this, they'll be able to enjoy the fruits of a real garden - even if they're squarely in a concrete jungle! They call it urban farming and this kit includes everything Back To The Roots offers. A water garden mini-ecosystem, self watering tomato planter, delicious kitchen herb garden and their classic mushroom grow it. For a bonus gift, they'll even get a decorative kitchen art and homegrown recipe book. Everything is 100% organic and guaranteed to grow! This is a unique and unusual gift to send to…

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They can grow an awesome variety of gourmet herbs right in their own home with this easy to use indoor garden. Grow up to 6 planets at one time - up to 12 inches tall - and it doesn't even need soil, so no mess! Included with the Aero Garden is Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint. They also will get a 3oz bottle of Aero Garden's patented all natural plant nutrients - enough for a full season of growth. Always homegrown, fresh and safe. Plants grow up to 5-times faster than soil and the…

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They'll be able to recycle their empty wine bottles with this eco-friendly bottle stopper garden kit. All they have to do is fill the bottle with water, plug the neck with one of the three hydroponic capsules, add a sprinkle of herb seeds (sweet basil, drip, lemon basil) and put it in a sunny spot. It'll take somewhere between 3-days to two weeks for the seedlings to emerge and gradually their roots will extend down the bottle absorbing the nutrients from the capsule.

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A beautiful 5 year old bonsai tree that blooms radiant pinks whites and purple colors in late spring. This bonsai blooms between April and May each year. Comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Super top rated on Amazon with 1000's of reviews! Arrives 6"-8" tall in a container with soil and care instructions. [wpseo_breadcrumb]

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