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They can enjoy a top rated tea selection gift box that features 9 different tea flavors and 45 expertly blended tea bags. From herb blends that energize to soothing blends that help relaxation and sleep, there's an awesome selection for them to try and choose their new favorite. This tea gift box is curated by herbal experts and nutritionists and only uses the highest quality ingredients for an unmatched cup of bliss. Over 2.5k reviews!

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They'll be able to keep their coffee, tea or hot chocolate at the *perfect* temperature for up to 80 minutes on a full charge. It also has a all-day "coasting" mode to keep their drink warmer so they can enjoy it for longer. They can choose the exact temperature between 120F - 145F simply by using the app on their smart phone and even set presets to quickly select their optimum sipping temp. The mug will shut off heating when it's empty to save battery.

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