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An awesome recycled license plate sign that uses real license plates to spell out their name. A unique artwork piece that they'll proudly hang on their wall for a long time. You can choose the word(s) on the license plate - it could be their name, their (new) married name, favorite place, saying or any other message you want. The license plates are mounted onto a wood frame that's painted with a distressed feel. Choose from 7 different types of wood colorings. The Etsy seller adds a hanger onto the back so it can be mounted onto their wall…

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A personalized seat belt cover to make their drives more comfortable and their rides more stylish! An affordable top rated gift idea that offers a personalized monogram seat belt cover with a choice of patterns, colors, fonts, style options and more. Choose just one customized seat belt cover or get them a matching set for $28. This Etsy shop can incorporate many custom requests into each monogrammed seat belt cover, so if you see something elsewhere that you think the recipient would like, just message the Etsy seller and they'll make it happen. A high quality, customized gift idea…

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They'll love a custom painted watercolor illustration of their favorite super car or classic car. This is a top rated gift idea that's handmade from a small Etsy shop. Choose from 6 different canvas sizes - up to 24" x 36" - and send the Etsy shop a photo of the car you'd like drawn and they'll take care of the rest. Turn around time is about two days. You can also choose to have the illustration sent in a digital format so you could use it and apply it to mugs, t-shirts, hats and other print-on-demand items.

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Give them comfort while they're driving to and from work and out and about. This top rated car seat cushion will upgrade their existing car seat with a patented grid like support system. It'll make their commutes and long road trips much more comfortable and they won't feel fatigued once they arrive at their destination. It's designed to offer no-pressure support that cradles your tailbone while providing cushioning to the rest of your seat. It's also designed to stay cool through it's air channels that are paired with temperature-neutral material. Finally, it's durable and engineered to bounce back and…

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They'll have a blast making this authentic Jeep Wranger off-road model. It comes with the classic round Jeep Wranger headlamps, seven slot grille, full size spare tire and even fold down rear seats. It's got lifelike axle articulation suspsension and even a winch to get out of tricky situations. This is a good choice for young LEGO fans as it's not too complicated, but will still be a fun challenge and they're rewarded with an awesome toy to play with when it's all put together.

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Get them a dash cam that's car-key sized and records in high definition (1080p) with a super wide 140-degree field of view. It uses Garmin Clarity HDR optics for super crisp detail in the day or night and can be controlled with their voice to save an event, record audio and even take still pictures. The videos taken by this dash cam are uploaded via Wi-Fi to a secure online vault to view and share later and the parking guard feature monitors activity around their parked vehicle and alerts their phone if an incident is detected.

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