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A top rated fragrance from fashion icon Chanel, tried and tested by the thousands! She'll love her new signature scent, described as irresistibly sexy, sparkling and fresh. There are countless reviews of women who've been complimented and asked what perfume they're wearing and the answer's this one right here. This is a good recommendation if you're a guy who's shopping for a lady, there's a very good chance it'll be her go-to scent for years to come. Promising review: I have been wearing this fragrance for years and it’s like my little secret. EVERYONE asks me what it…

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Kids love to experiment and make weird stuff and it probably doesn't get much weirder than edible multi-colored rainbow bagels. As far as gifts go, gifting them a fun project that they can learn from and eat at the end is a winner in my book. This complete kit makes colorful rainbow bagels and includes everything they need to get started. A great project for kids to try, where they'll have fun, learn and have tasty food once they're done. Promising review: Made this kit on a holiday visit to our grandsons! Not only did they enjoy making the…

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Who said waffles have to be made flat? This is a space saving waffle maker where they'll pour batter in at the top and it fills the waffle iron below. Gone are the days of half made and inconsistent thickness waffles, this new design means every grid is filled perfectly with just the right amount of batter. They'll be able to dial in their preferred browning level with 5 choices and no flipping is required. Promising review: We love the ease of making and cleaning of this waffle maker. They come out consistent every time in size and crispness…

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These kind of craft and art toy for kids have been around forever and for good reason. They're fun to play with! This one from the Discovery Channel uses the spiral wheels that kids can use to create spiral patterns on the included paper. They'll be able to make dazzling works of art and geometric spinning patterns while developing hand-eye skills. Something new that you might not have seen is the spinning wheel that comes with this kit. They can press the button and the wheel spins creating new patterns on the paper. Promising review: The six year old…

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Send your little astronaut on an out-of-this-world experience with this top rated 2-in-1 planetarium space projector. They'll be able to explore the marvels of the universe right in their own living room, bedroom or even classroom. Set it up as a moving display or a stationary display if you want to help them point out the planets. It comes with 32 photo slides on 4 reel discs for a total of 32 slides. It's a fun and unique STEM gift idea and they'll learn about science, NASA, space ships, galaxies, solar systems and more. Promising review: Bought this for…

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A retro twist on a practical gift, the Vornado series air circulators use a special type of fan blade that pushes the air around the room and recirculates it. They can enjoy the cooling effect whole-room recirculation fans offer while still looking stylish in it's off-white retro decor. The fan is built to last with an all-metal design and it adjusts from 24-inches to 55-inches for the prefect height, no matter what their preference. Promising review: I bought this a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. Very well built, sturdy, quiet, and moves air like the best of…

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No longer will she need to fire up the stove just to make a cup of tea. This is a snazzy stainless steel cordless electric kettle that's made specifically for tea aficionados. She'll love the 6 pre-set temperatures on the handle for different types of tea, taking the guesswork out what the best steeping water temperature should be: Black Tea (boil) French President (200F) Oolong (190F) White (185F) Green (175F) Delicate (160F) There's even a big button to keep the water hot continually so it's ready for the next tea top-up whenever they might need it. On the side…

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This instantly makes you go wow! if you haven't seen one before. This candle will last up to 80 hours and uses a coil method to replenish the wax that was melted by the flame. The candle burns 20 minutes per inch and will self extinguish once it reaches a certain point, unless it's manually refreshed by pulling more wax through. Refills are even available and because it's made of natural beeswax, it emits a lovely honey like fragrance as it burns.

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