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They'll be able to stretch and roll out anywhere with this hybrid 40oz water bottle and foam roller combo. Great for everyday use, if they fill it with cold water, the foam roller gets cold. Similarly, if they fill it with warm water, they'll have a heated roller to massage away tight muscles. The water bottle is single walled to maximize volume and is TSA approved so they can even take it with them on the plane. For a gift that they'll enjoy indefinitely and can literally take away their pains, this is a great gift idea they'll thank…

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This is a top rated men's fragrance from luxury brand Hermès. It has the warmth and density of wood, combined with the softness of benzoin which is a fancy name for wood sap. It's also got the added sparkle of shiso - a Japanese name for a popular Southeast Asian herb known for it's uniquely refreshing flavor. Reviewers say the fragrance is seductive with one commenting that ladies stop him all the time to ask which fragrance he's wearing. Sounds promising!

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