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Three generous layers of rum-flavored yellow cake are expertly filled with a layer of chocolate ganache and a layer of Bavarian cream. It's iced with an Italian rum butter cream and finally edged with toasted almonds. Reviewers love the taste and many said they would order it again. We can see why!

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While you're cake shopping, check out this feminine style cake from MacKenzie LTD. It's a beautiful looking cake that features a hand piped bouquet of pink roses on top and two layers of devil's food cake iced with a rich chocolate ganache. A moist, rich chocolate cake that reviewers love - they found the cake arrived in great condition, with ample packaging to secure and protect it on it's journey. Perhaps more importantly, it arrived when promised as to not miss the special date. From one reviewer, they simply said, "it tastes as good as it looks!". I sent the cake…

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This cake features ripe cherries, fresh pineapple, plump raisins, almonds, pecans and English walnuts blended with just the right amount of bourbon, rum and brandy. This makes a lovely holiday gift, but is also a treat at any time of year. They say this is even better than Grandma's fruitcake, but I think you need to try it and be the judge of that?

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This is a heavenly dessert that features alternating layers of imported Mascarpone and sponge cake that's been soaked in espresso with a hint of liqueur. Did you know that Tiramisu translates as "pick me up" in Italian? Get them this large 10-inch tiramisu cake and they'll be happy because there are 14 slices for them to enjoy. It makes a delicious end to any meal and is one of Mackenzie Ltd's best selling dessert cakes. Pre-sliced.

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