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Powerful motors and large battery make this a top choice of electric skateboard for most people.

It can reach a surprising top speed of 28MPH and has a range of 14.3 miles. That’s enough juice to get them going where they have to go and once they arrive, they can charge the electric skateboard back to 100% capacity in about 3 hours.

The WowGo 2S MAX Electric Skateboard has a bunch of good reviews, from the most affordable electric skateboard to the most comfortable electric skateboard.

It boasts a stable and secure ride with advanced trucks (the thing that attaches the wheels to the body of the skateboard) and better shock absorption so bumps and gravel on the road won’t get in the way.

It’s controlled with a handheld remote and come with all the accessories needed to get up and running out of the box.

Promising review:

Easy to figure out how to control. Got the ones with the cloud wheels and they glide so nicely on sidewalks and weird pavements. The brakes are reliable and gives a decent run from a full charge. For my first electric board, it’s awesome.



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Specification: WowGo 2S MAX Electric Skateboard

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WowGo 2S MAX Electric Skateboard
WowGo 2S MAX Electric Skateboard
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