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This kit sold out last year and now’s your chance to gift it to someone special. Everyone has had sunburn at some point in their life and it’s no joke.

It’s a complete kit to protect their skin from harmful UV rays, before, during and afterwards.

If they spend a lot of time outside or are planning a vacation, you could really help them by getting them this all-in-one skin care system.

Even if they aren’t going to a sun drenched destination soon, this kit can really help them fend off skin damage at home when it is sunny (or kinda sunny). They might not need to use all the three stages of protection, but they can pick and choose which ones they need as the weather changes.

This kit includes:

  • PLAY Lip Shield SPF30 With Mint
  • PLAY Antioxidant Body Mist SPF50 With Vitamin C
  • (Re)setting Refreshing mist SPF40
  • Glow Oil SPF50
  • PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF50 With Sunflower Extract
  • Unseen Sunscreen SPF40

To get more details on each piece of this kit check out full details here.

All of the kit comes in a reusable water-resistant pouch that’s constructed of recycled materials. The beach image featured on the bag and the different items is from world-renowned photographer Gray Malin.

Promising review:

I love the products, but a good quality bag is rare these days and I like this bag a lot. SuperGoop has superior SPF products and I swear by them.



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Specification: Sunshine Wellness & Recovery Kit By Supergoop!

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Sunshine Wellness & Recovery Kit By Supergoop!
Sunshine Wellness & Recovery Kit By Supergoop!
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